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Comparing Approaches to Durability in Low Latency Messaging Queues

  A significant feature of Chronicle Queue Enterprise is support for TCP replication across multiple servers to ensure the high availability of application infrastructure. I generally believe that replicating data to a secondary system is faster than syncing to disk, assuming the round trip network delay wasn’t high due to quality networks and co-located redundant servers. This is the first time I have benchmarked it with a realistic example. Little’s Law and Why Latency Matters In many cases, the assumption is that the latency won't be a problem as long as throughput is high enough. However, latency is often a key factor in why the throughput isn’t high enough. Little’s law states, “ the long-term average number  L  of customers in a  stationary  system is equal to the long-term average effective arrival rate  λ  multiplied by the average time  W  that a customer spends in the system”. In computer terminology, the level of concurrency or parallelism a system has to support must be