A history of "Java is Dead"

"Java is Dead" has been a popular battle cry for those hoping that a cooler language will emerge as more popular. This could be D, a 4GL, Ruby, Groovy.

This wishful thinking appears to be on the rise.

This shows the number of hits estimated by google for "Java is dead" and year

And what are the languages most associated with the "Java is dead" message? I google "java is dead" and language and the top 12 hits were

D 35000
C 30300
PHP 25800
C++ 21300
Python 20000
javascript 19000
C# 18900
ruby 18100
perl 13700
Cobol 11800
Visual Basic 10300
groovy 10100

However, compare this with the number of hits for "Java Programming" and year which suggests there is still a growing interest in Java.

This is supported by the latest Tiobe survey which lists not only Java in the top two most popular Programming Language with C (it varies depending on when the results are taken), but you have to go down to 5th place (C#) to find a newer language. It would appear that Java's main competition are C, C++, Python, and PHP (same age)


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