My Bio

I often get asked for my Bio, so in case anyone is too shy to ask, here it is.

My Bio

- Most answers for Java and JVM on (11K+)
- "Vanilla Java" blog with four million views and around 300 posts.
- Founder of the Performance Java User's Group, a virtual JUG with 1700+ members.
- Architect of Chronicle Software, open source project for high performance, low latency libraries in Java.
- Java Champion

Initial Services

Over the last year, the most common way we engage a new client to conduct a one week workshop, even if you have been using Chronicle Software for a while this will be of benefit to you. Over the week the team develops the skeleton of a project of their choice and we look at how Chronicle Software products can help, and how to develop high performance code in Java in general.
I am usually booked two months in advance, however we have other staff which can conduct the workshop at a reasonable price.

If you have a question on using Chronicle you can use the [chronicle] tag on Stackoverflow

If you would like more details contact us on


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