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What are the bad features of Java.

Overview When you first learn to develop you see overly broad statements about different features to be bad, for design, performance, clarity, maintainability, it feels like a hack, or they just don't like it. This might be backed by real world experience where removing the use of the feature improved the code.  Sometimes this is because the developers didn't know how to use the feature correctly, or the feature is inherently error prone (depending whether you like it or not) It is disconcerting when either fashion, or your team changes and this feature becomes fine or even a preferred methodology. In this post, I look at some of the feature people like to hate and why I think that used correctly, they should be a force for good.  Features are not as yes/no, good/bad as many like to believe. Checked Exceptions I am often surprised at the degree that developers don't like to think about error handling.  New developers don't even like to read error messages. I