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Java arrays, Wat!?

There is a few things you can do with arrays which are surprising. Is it an array or not? Serializable array = new Serializable[9]; Is array an array or a scalar? Well its a scalar which points to an array. Just like  Object o = new Object[9]; You can assign an array to an object because it is also an object.  However, arrays are also Serializable so you can assign them to Serializable. Where did my [] go? The [] can appear in surprising places.  This compiles for backward comparability reasons. public static int method(int[]... args)[] {     return args[0]; } And the types here are; args is an int[][] and the return type is int[].  Did you notice the [] after the method declaration!  This is not part of the JLS and the OpenJDK allows this due to backward compatibility reasons. What is the difference between int[] array and int array[] ? There is a difference in what comes after it. int[] array, x[]; and int array[], y[]; In these cases