Presentation on; Using BigDecimal and double

There will be a presentation for the Performance Java User's Group given at two times in June.  Both are about using BigDecimal and double together, comparing accuracy and performance.  A focus will be on use in trading systems.

The first presentation will be early in Europe and late in Asia on Saturday June 1st

The second one will be late in Europe and early on the west cost of the US. Sunday June 9th

Presentations I have given on-line are available at PerformanceJUG/Presentations


  1. I was not able to attend. Was this presentation recorded, and if so where can I view it? Thanks.

  2. There was some technical problems and the session will be repeated live on Sat 29th at 10 AM GMT. The recording of that session will be posted online.

  3. Where can I find the recording of that session online? Thanks

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