Hiring a Java Analyst Developer

If you have enjoyed this blog and looked at the OpenHFT projects such as Java Chronicle you might be interested in applying for this role.  You would learn a lot working on technically challenging projects.

Higher Frequency Trading is a consulting and software developer company offering training, performance consulting, system development and open source software to clients in the USA and Europe. We are looking to expand the development and support for existing and new open source projects.

This is a great opportunity to get into High Frequency Trading as you will be developing and supporting open source software which is used in HFT systems for investment banks, hedge funds and trading houses.  The project area is https://github.com/openhft


- 5 to 10+ years commercial programming, preferably with some support experience
- you must be passionate about low level coding in Java
- you must have worked on open source projects  (Please provide such examples)
- you will be interested into breaking into high frequency trading

Skills you will have or acquire in Java.

- low level, low latency software
- GC-less coding
- lock-less multithreading
- off heap, thread safe, shared memory manipulation

The position could be part time or full time, contract or permanent.  Full time roles would offer more training.

Visas will not be considered, but working from home in any country may be considered.

Please contact bee.gill@higherfrequencytrading.com with your CV, a list of open source projects you have worked on and your salary expectations.


  1. Do you have one or many part-time positions ?

  2. @mohan I have seven part time developers which is enough for now. If you send you CV, you can be considered if a position opens in the future.


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