Some reviews of my JavaOne 2015 talks

Stephan Seigl reviewed my talks at JavaOne favourably here

Has any one seen any other reviews of JavaOne?

Cheers, Peter.


Here are his reviews for my talks.
Work with Hundreds of Hot Terabytes in JVMs (Peter Lawrey, Higher Frequency Trading and Per-Ake Minborg, Speedment)
In this session Peter and Per-Ake showed nicely what benefits applications can achieve if they do not need to access the slow database for each request. Speedment basically allows to automatically read all data from a database to a memory cache and – this is interesting – provide a highly scalable approach to synchronize the data (Reactive persistent caching). Peter’s Chronicle Engine (mostly open source) allows to access this memory data is the most efficient way. This approach scales greatly. The examples they were showing had heap sizes in the range of tens of terabytes. Very nice talk.
My Rating: 4/5
Legacy code and lambda (Peter Lawrey, Higher Frequency Trading)
From the title I would not have guessed that Peter Lawrey gives this talk. Lucky enough I checked all sessions again and found this out. Peter is just a simple pick, my recommendation: just go there, ignore the title or agenda, it will be great and you will learn lots of things.
And this hold true here too. Peter discussed about a customer engagement were they re-write lot of the code to Java 8 and especially lambdas. He dived into much detail on pure functional programming and experience and explained the benefits (and why pure functional programming is most of the time not possible).
He also discussed how lambdas are used within their Chronicle wire realisation which is a lambda based high performance serialisation framework with very constant timings. A very good talk
My Rating: 5/5
Java for low latency environments (Kirk Pepperdine and Peter Lawrey)
Kirk Pepperdine and Martin [sic] Lawrey talked about the challenges of using Java in low latency environments. Interesting as always!
My Rating: 5/5


  1. I assume a video of it is not available anywhere? Would be great to see, but understand if this type of thing is not available, as it should be for those who pay to attend JavaOne.


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