Microservices are about applying a group of Best Practices

Microservices Denial

A number of times clients have said; they can’t imagine their organisation using Microservices. I found this surprising as I know those people are using many of the principles of Microservices already.
I can understand that they feel no need to join the hype around microservices, but the reality is, like it or not, you are most likely using some of the best practices Microservices advocates.
Stages of denial
  • It all seems like hype, we don’t go in for that.
  • Perhaps not all hype, but does it really mean anything.
  • It all sounds pretty familiar.
  • It sounds like what we are doing already.
Formally or informally, most likely you have been following some best practices already.

Adopting Best Practices.

Perhaps you don’t like the name Microservices, and perhaps not all the different things people associate with Microservices are right for your team, your projects. Instead lets consider how do you formalise what you are trying to achieve and finding a clearer path to adopting best practices.


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