New toy for home

I have set up a new PC for home. Its got
  • An Intel i7 running at 3.8 GHz
  • 24 GB of 1600 MHz memory.
  • 120 GB SSD drive
  • Two 20" screens.
  • Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit.
It cost me just over £1K incl tax.

I will be using this as a based system to benchmark in future articles.

With lots of memory and a flash disk it does pretty much everything immediately. ;)

If you want look at a good range of overclocked processors up to 4.8 GHz try Scan's Overclocked Bundles


  1. @Fillirom1, That's the sort of system I was going for. ;) You can buy a lot of machine for a reasonable price these days.

  2. Say us where you have bought that toy!

  3. Hello Peter,

    My name is Byron and I am the co-founder and executive editor at Java Code Geeks. I really like your blog, and I have a proposition for you. Can you send me an e-mail so as to discuss it further?


  4. @Simone, Added a link to to Scan's over clocked bundles.


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